I know about a particularly good offerer of cable junctions. If clients want to buy a cable connection that is miscellaneous for television, Internet and phone, then I can recommend the provider Kabel Deutschland as a particularly efficient and opportune German provider. For everybody, who wants cable television, this offerer is an intelligent choice. This cable TV tenderer is one of Europes largest cable operators and offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio in my opinion. I am very enthused by the nice multimedia possibilities that the cable connection offers. Digital cable television is not all that prospects can get. TV viewers can also surf the Internet super-fast via cable junction and have convenient phone calls without being connected by another telecom provider.

There are many attractive product arrangements for Internet surfing and telephony. Such as the classic product package and the comfort product bundle, there is the right alternative available for everybody at a very convenient cost-performance ratio. Prospects can read a German testimonial on that site: Kabelfernsehen in Emden.

If prospects do not go for a double-flat for Internet and telephone, because they want to carry on with telephoning over their existing phone provider, users also may seize the available cable Internet separately. Here television viewers can select several Internet offers at eminently opportune rates. If customers only want to telephone via the cable network, but do not need an Internet connection, prospects can get a good cable telephone extension. Customers will need no separate phone extension any more. Clients can seize their cable connection only for telephoning and surfing and do not need to order cable television. Consequently prospects only have to pay their convenient tariff for phone and Internet. Television may be continued as before, for instance via a satellite receiving system. With the efficient comfort product bundle clients have an Internet connection with Internet flatrate and a phone extension with telephone flat rate for all German fixed networks. Prospects can quit their current fixed line network and take the existing phone numbers with them.
If prospects want a beneficial access to the Internet and phone at the same time for free with a flatrate in all German fixed line networks, that is no problem with the double-flat. There clients can be sure not to overpay for telephone and Internet. Clients can look at a German recommendation on the following Internet site: www.kabel-fernsehen.org

With the eco Internet Award 2008 the provider has received an additional award and has been declared the best Internet provider for private clients by an independent expert jury for the best price-performance ratio. Furthermore, they got already several specialized awards for their products, e.g. in the journal Computer Bild issue 23/2007 as the winner for DSL speeds and in the magazine PC Praxis 11/2007 with a “very good” at the price-performance ratio for the cable package Comfort. With such cable junction clients are able to receive over 30 analog and about 97 digital cost-free TV channels. Clients also can receive approximately 70 radio stations and additionally surf the Internet and telephone at very beneficial fees. By having a cable junction, besides the amount of cost-free televison channels television viewers also may subscribe to additional channels and thus assemble their personal desired TV experience. There are different countries packages for sale, which make television possible in the readers native language.