If you would like to check out a Leapfrog teaching toy for your little one but don’t know where to turn, look no further than www.myleappad.com. There is a comprehensive description of much of the Leapfrog toys, including the LeapPad tablet and Leapster family of units. We go beyond the principle information giving in-depth feature descriptions, what owners think, and comparisons. One of the many comparisons is the LeapPad 1 and LeapPad2. Others, such as the Ultra LeapPad, are to follow.

Also reviewed, are the wide variety of games that are offered for every system. Different characters are suggested; we make a chart of suggested games based on age, sex, and the subject being taught. Most importantly, we look at which games get better reviews in both the parent and children’s opinions.

Price of both systems and games is a subject that is visited. a lot of people in a sluggish economy so we talk about where to get new and used units as well as what the MSRP is and how to make sure that you are getting a great deal. Also looked into are some traps to avoid when buying a used system.

New reviews are constantly being added; if you don’t see the system you are searching for, please use the “Contact Us” page. We are more than happy to add information on that toy for you. As the parents of three small kids we know that you desire the ideal Leapfrog product at the rock bottom price for your little one. This website will help you spare time and cash as you look for the perfect toy that will both entertain and educate.