Should you be like countless other men around the world then you’ve constantly dreamed of what it could be like to enjoy 6 pack abs. It is incredible that this dream, shared by numerous, is accomplished by so very few. From my experience the main factor keeping men from getting 6-pack abs is their diet plan. You just have to get your body fat below ten percent of your total body weight. But it is usually incorrect to suggest that you merely have to slim down and not work out your abdominal muscles to be able to get a six pack. Below I am going to lay out the most beneficial ab workout for men. It really is a 6-pack program that’s certain to show you success when you bust your tail, stick with it, and get your body fat percentage below 10%. Oh, and the best part, this six-pack system is totally Free!

The best Ab Workout for Men – Abs Blueprint 1.0

That is correct. The most effective ab workout for men is on-line, downloadable, and completely free. It is known as Abs Blueprint 1.0 and it was created by Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book. Once you download this ebook you’ll learn about the only six exercises you will need to obtain 6 pack abs along with the one exercise you need to learn to make sure that you do not hurt your back during your quest for perfect abs. Rusty then gives the specific workout routines he and his training partners have utilized to obtain a great set of 6-pack abs. The most effective component of this routine (in truth ALL of Rusty’s plans) is the fact that he’s going to coach you on the way to adjust the work outs so that you are able to develop the best ab routine to satisfy your requirements. He lays out the unique aspects for an ab work out routine, explains when to use low rep vs high rep workouts, and when to use fast rep versus slow rep training. He refers to it a blueprint for a reason. This is the top ab work out routine for guys simply because it teaches you how you can personalize the 6-pack system to make sure you obtain results.

The Abs Blueprint 1.0 – Sample Training session:

• Feet-to-the-bar bent leg raises: 5 sets of 10 reps

• Swinging side-to-side bent knee ups: failure

• Renegade rows: 5 sets of 3 reps

• Planks: regular plank for at least 2 minutes

• Hip or back bridges: 5 minutes

This is a sample of one of the most elite ab training sessions from the blueprint. Don’t worry if this seems too challenging. Rusty will provide various exercises that will help you build muscle in your stomach muscles and you are going to eventually work up to this particular elite workout. In case you are not acquainted with the exercises then see the details below. You are able to get the full exercise and workout description if you grab Abs Blueprint 1.0.

The Abs Blueprint Exercises

Hanging Leg Raises: The hanging leg raise is one of the biggest exercises of the Abs Blueprint 1.0. There are several modifications for the exercise based upon your level of fitness starting from knee ups and working up to the feet-to-the-bar bent leg raises. Rusty will provide a abs burnout leg raise exercise which will help you obtain that v-shaped muscle at your waist.

Planks: Planks in many cases are disregarded in ab workout routines for guys. This is regrettable because they’re 1 of the most effective ab techniques for developing dense, rock solid ab muscles. Rusty incorporates a couple of variations on this exercise in the process and he will also show you a method to execute a burnout plank workout that really burns your abs.

The Ab Wheel Roll-Outs: Ab wheels are pretty straight forward, lightweight piece of training gear which will seriously strengthen your abs. In Abs Blueprint 1.0 you’ll learn how to work with the ab wheel in a way that is more like a revised plank. This roll-and-hold strategy will seriously challenge your strength and endurence!

Renegade Rows: Though not widely recognized they are a wonderful exercise for tightening your mid-section. In addition, they hit your obliques harder than the majority of spine bending oblique workouts usually proposed in ab plans. Proper form is vital here. Read the blueprint very carefully to be certain you know how to take advantage of this exercise.

Abs Blueprint 1.0 = My six-pack system

As you’ll be able to see, these abdominal exercise routines can be extremely challenging; however, following Rusty Moore’s Abs Blueprint 1.0 routine you are going to be able to find a perfect workout for your current fitness level and have the ability to build up and construct your abdominal muscles so much that you’ll attain the 6 pack that you have always wished for. Who knew that the most effective ab workout for guys would end up being the one that is totally free. Go ahead and get a hold of it right now.