Most beverages that we see on the shelves are full of preservatives, additives and fillers and ingredients that your neighborhood bookworm cant even read. Do you know of anyone who likes drinking preservatives? Well maybe not. But what about you, are you consuming massive amounts? These drinks contain preservatives to extend their shelf life, processed by way of hot-fill and pasteurized to kill bacteria. But the nutrients get annihilated too. What are left to drink are preservatives. There ought to be a better way to manufacture beverages. Conventional beverages are pasteurized to extend shelf life. Then preservatives are added to well preserve it. Do these preservatives aid us in the betterment of our health? I do hope that the beverage manufacturers took into consideration the health of its consumers. This discussion is getting more interesting, isn’t it?

Though pasteurization has its positive effects, there are also negative effects. And a stand out would be the elimination of healthy active ingredients. With these nutrient components damaged, preservatives being added, just what is left for you to drink? That’s easy: a bottled beverage containing preservatives and colored liquid. With all the development in science and technology, someone ought to figure out a better way. Have you ever had the experience of seeing a product and something tells you that its really good? This is the experience I had when I found out about Yoli Blast Caps. Their solution to the hot-fill process and preservative ingredient is so simple that I kept asking myself why I hadn’t think of it in the first place. Sounds interesting right? Believe me, there’s more to it.

How did they do away with the need of pasteurization and preservatives? The ingredients and the liquid are separate from each other. This means that Yoli Blast Caps keep their ingredients in its purest form as well as its liquid. The ingredients are stored in the cap and are kept dry up until you blast them and infuse the liquid, shake it a bit and its ready to drink. Pure, healthy beverages with no preservatives and additives add value to your money. You paid for the drink and its nutrients; not the preservatives. Kids will love Yoli Blast Caps. Its perfectly safe and healthy for them. I admit that blasting and activating the drink amuses me. And I’m quite sure that kids of all ages enjoy doing it as well.

I haven’t seen any other beverage in the market that has a similar technology that Yoli Blast Caps offer. Its innovation and solution to conventional manufacturing definitely sets it apart from the others. A new option to consuming healthy beverages is definitely on my list. Especially when it comes to absorbing the most nutrients. The technology and innovation that Yoli Blast Caps has brought to the table definitely raises some stiff competition with other beverages. If other beverages cannot offer the same benefits that Yoli Blast Caps has, then it is not worth my money. We love our Health Drinks and Yoli has succeeded in offering us a brand new way to having our beverages.